segunda-feira, 28 de setembro de 2009

Time related treatment

Have you ever heard about bio-rhythm? In modern occidental medicine, they found three kinds of rhythm in the body...those are rhythms of emotion, intelligence and physical body. the periods are around 20-40 days each. It is very interesting phenomenon that situation of our healh is varying rhythmically. But in Chinese traditional medicine, it was already used almost three thousands years ago. and it is more in detail than modern bio rhythm theory ....
In every days, each hours awakens the each inner organs. 23hour to 01hour, gall bladder is awakened...that is the beginning of Yang energy. 01 hour to 03 h, the liver is awakened...that is the beginning of vital energy. 03 h to 05h the lung is awakened, that is the begining of reception of celestial energy to body. 05h to 07h , the large intestine is awakened, that is why we go to toilet in the morning to clean inner system to begin a new day. 07h to 09h, the stomach is awakened, we have breakfast to begin a new day. 09h to 11h, the spleen-pancreas is awakened, the food that we ate is being digested. 11h to 13h, the heart is awakened, this time is the most activated moment. 13h to 15h, the small intestine is awakened, energy is absorbed in the intestine, 15h to 17h, the urinary bladder is awakened, the gabbages are filtered and accumulated as urine. 17h to 19h, the kidney is awakened, the essencial energy is accumulated in kidney and prepare to take a rest. 19h to 21h, the pericardium is awakened, our mind become calm and begin to meditate. 21h to 23h, the triple energizer is awakened, our mind begin to take a rest. each organ has its own time to be awakened. and Crono-acupunture is the most common example of time-related treatment. It consider the time of treatment and calculate which meridian is opened and use the meridian that is opened. And even ask patients to come to the clinic to have the most proper time to treat. There 3 types of crono-acupuncture, Zi-wu liu zhu fa, Ling gui ba fa and Fei teng fa. These 3 types of crono-acupuncture regard the treatment time as important thing. Each time, the acupoints used are different depending on time. Why ancient people though that we have these kinds of rhythm? do you know that? Don't think it as complicated thing......It is very natural....What is life? life is rhythm. Rhythm is change....and change is life and life is change. if we do not change, it means that we are dead. As far as you are alive, you are changing and the rule of that changing is rhythm.....isn't it simple? that is why we have rhythm...not just us, all the liviing beings have their own rhythms, dogs, tigers, elephants, plants, flowers, insects too...and even the earth, sun, jupiter, mercury, moon....all have their own chaging means that all are forms of living being...they have life. all these are one grand union of living being they are all alive and corporating with each other......isn't it beautiful?

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