segunda-feira, 28 de setembro de 2009

Time related treatment

Have you ever heard about bio-rhythm? In modern occidental medicine, they found three kinds of rhythm in the body...those are rhythms of emotion, intelligence and physical body. the periods are around 20-40 days each. It is very interesting phenomenon that situation of our healh is varying rhythmically. But in Chinese traditional medicine, it was already used almost three thousands years ago. and it is more in detail than modern bio rhythm theory ....
In every days, each hours awakens the each inner organs. 23hour to 01hour, gall bladder is awakened...that is the beginning of Yang energy. 01 hour to 03 h, the liver is awakened...that is the beginning of vital energy. 03 h to 05h the lung is awakened, that is the begining of reception of celestial energy to body. 05h to 07h , the large intestine is awakened, that is why we go to toilet in the morning to clean inner system to begin a new day. 07h to 09h, the stomach is awakened, we have breakfast to begin a new day. 09h to 11h, the spleen-pancreas is awakened, the food that we ate is being digested. 11h to 13h, the heart is awakened, this time is the most activated moment. 13h to 15h, the small intestine is awakened, energy is absorbed in the intestine, 15h to 17h, the urinary bladder is awakened, the gabbages are filtered and accumulated as urine. 17h to 19h, the kidney is awakened, the essencial energy is accumulated in kidney and prepare to take a rest. 19h to 21h, the pericardium is awakened, our mind become calm and begin to meditate. 21h to 23h, the triple energizer is awakened, our mind begin to take a rest. each organ has its own time to be awakened. and Crono-acupunture is the most common example of time-related treatment. It consider the time of treatment and calculate which meridian is opened and use the meridian that is opened. And even ask patients to come to the clinic to have the most proper time to treat. There 3 types of crono-acupuncture, Zi-wu liu zhu fa, Ling gui ba fa and Fei teng fa. These 3 types of crono-acupuncture regard the treatment time as important thing. Each time, the acupoints used are different depending on time. Why ancient people though that we have these kinds of rhythm? do you know that? Don't think it as complicated thing......It is very natural....What is life? life is rhythm. Rhythm is change....and change is life and life is change. if we do not change, it means that we are dead. As far as you are alive, you are changing and the rule of that changing is rhythm.....isn't it simple? that is why we have rhythm...not just us, all the liviing beings have their own rhythms, dogs, tigers, elephants, plants, flowers, insects too...and even the earth, sun, jupiter, mercury, moon....all have their own chaging means that all are forms of living being...they have life. all these are one grand union of living being they are all alive and corporating with each other......isn't it beautiful?

domingo, 5 de julho de 2009

The problems of Human beings.

What do you think about Human being? Are we perfect? Perhaps most of you will say no. Because most of us have problems in health, mental and emotional problems. If perfect god created human being, why do we have so much problems then? Have you ever thought about this?

In fact, we are created imperfectly. We are not perfect beings. For example, the right and left side of body is not same, that means that we lost the balance of Yin and Yang. The heart is located on the left side and it means the fire energy is at the left side. (inclined), the left and right kidney are not at the same height and it means the water energy is not balanced. When the fire energy and the water energy is not balanced, we begin to be nervous. The heart is out of control and begins to worry about the future. Some people becomes mad or crazy. If we observe the location of organs, we simply find that our body is not balanced from our birth. So, we are imperfect.

This kind of imperfection is found in the Solar system, our planetary system. When the sun arrives at the point where the sun is at the nearest point with the earth, the temperature does not become the highest. Only when about 15 days passes, the temperature begins to arrive at the highest point. The coldes point is also same. It is not the farthest point where the sun makes the temperature of earth the coldest. It also needs time to passes...Why? Because it needs time to warm the earth. In the point of view of energy system, it is the unblance of energy and orbit.
And it affects the energy changes of earth.

Our solar system is not balanced in other ways too. The Moon, sun, Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune etc...their orbits are all inclined to some direction. If they are perfectly balanced there is no need to move and change. The reason why the all existences are moving and changing in this universe is that they are not balanced..they are moving to find the balance and they will move eternally to arrive at the balanced point. We are same. all animals and humans are same.

Human bengs body exactly reflects the situation of Solar system. What is happening the solar system is also happening in our body.

So, We have the inherent problems from our birth. The existence means problems.

The diseases of 2010

This is the result from the calculation of astrology in Chinese medicine.

In the year 2010, Yang Metal-Secondary fire dominates the year, that is unstable and affects the fire system of body. Secondary fire is different from the main fire of body. Usually is destroys or dries up the blood or liquid that nutriates the human body. Also the mental system of body becomes unstable with this effect.

The first 6 months of this year will be dominated by the fire energy, and the last 6 months of this year will be dominated by wind energy.

The main techinique of treatment in the year 2010 will be cooling fire and expelling wind.
The main herbs will be Jin Yin Hua, Lian Cao, Bohe, Sheng Ma, Huanglian, Huangbo, Huangqin, Yujin, xiangfuzi, chaihu, Tianma, Gouteng those cool fire and expel wind.
The main acupuncture points will be Quchi, Hegu, Neiting, Xingjian etc

The scholar of tonification of Yin

This scholar was created by Zhu Dan Xi who lived AD1281-1358 in China. He thought that the Yin energy is more easily becomes deficient than the Yang energy. This must be the result of his personal clinical experiences. He used some interesting examples to explain this. The main causes that makes the defiency of Yin the sexual desire and nervousness. Sexual desire, sexual excess and mental nervouness creates the excess of unnecessary fire in the body and it dries up the Yin energy. He also uses some examples of nature, for example, the moon, which is the Yin energy, changes its shapes and sometimes becomes small. But the Sun, which is the Yang energy, never changes its shapes. That is why the Yin energy easily becomes deficient but Yang energy doesn't.
I can see many cases of Yin deficiency in this modern times. Perhaps it well fit with modern people's health problems. I think that each epoch has its own characteristics of health. Some epoch , the contagious diseases are important in the human body, and another epoch has the problems of deficiency....It is difficult to say only one problem. It depends epoch and persons.

The scholar of tonification of spleen-pancreas

This scholar was created by Li Gao(Li Dong Yuan) who lived AD 1180- 1251 in China. He was the student of Zhang Yuan Su. Li Gao created the theory that spleen-pancreas system supports the body and easily have problems. And he emphased the tonification of spleen-pancreas system. The representative formula that the created is Bu Zhong Yi Qi Tang that is still widely used in modern times. The vibration patterns of spleen-pacreas system is about the energy of soil. What is soil energy?

In ancient times , people used some symbols to express the state of energy vibration. The system, so- called, five elements is one of them. Five elements are water, wood, fire, Soil are metal. Each elements are not the elements that comprises the nature or human body. Each elements are the energy movement. The term, elements is not the correct translation because they are not elements. They are unique vibration and movement of energy. And soil energy is about controlling the changes. Soil enery manages the ascending and descending energy. Soil energy tranforms the each energy to proper state.

And in the human body, the spleen-pancreas system has the vibration of soil energy. So, the soil energy is almost like the director of company. That is why Li gao emphasizes this soil energy. Here I introduce one technique of longevity. Warm your abdomen. Don't let your abdomen cold. Abdomen is the center of soil energy.

The book of SHANG HAN LUN

The book of SHANG HAN LUN is the original text of internal medicine of Chinese medicine.
The author, Zhang Zhong Jing lived AD150-200, he was the genius, created the concepts of diagnosis and usages of herbs to treat patients.

He divides the levels of diseases in the six levels. For example, disease of Taiyang, Yangming, Shaoyang, Taiyin, Shaoyin, Jueyin. Every levels of diseases have its own unique characteristics of symptoms. For example, abdomen is stuffed, vomit, food doesn't descend, diarreia, sometimes have pains in the abdomen are unique characteristics of disease of level, Taiyin. And usually the kinds of Si Ni Tang that warms the spleen-pancreas system of body. Si Ni Tang is a formula that includes 3 types of herbs like Gancao, Ganjiang and Fuzi.

In the year of 1144, the chinese doctor, ChengWuYi explained the book of SHANG HAN LUN in his own ideas and opinions. He connected the names of six levels of diseases with the meridians because each meridians also have the same names like Taiyang, Yangming etc. And he explained the six levels of diseases in the point of view of meridians. But it was his own ideas and not the idea of ZHANG ZHONG JING, the original author of SHANG HAN LUN.

How Chinese Herbs works

Every herbs have their own energy vibrations in themselves. And usually this unique vibrations are expressed in theis forms, colors and tastes. Also the circumstances where that herbs grew affects the vibration of herbs. When body has problems, it loses some vibrations or loses the balances of vibrations. The chinese doctors diagnoses which energy vibrations are lack and apply the proper herbs. And it works. It is not just the herbs work. Also the animal bodies or mineral stones are used to treat patients. In this Universe all existences have their own vibrations and they can be used to balance and treat patients. So, in the point of view of Chinese medicine, the Universe is full of natural medicine even stones on the road.

How Acupuncture works

Acupuncture is based on the fact that every parts of human body are connected in the forms of energy vibration.
These connections or common fields that are shared commonly are called meridians..
Same meridians have the same energy vibration. For example, the hand-taiyin-lung meridian begins from the stomach and it passes the lung finally ends up in the thumbs.
These parts of body are vibrating in the same energy level. And that is why the stimulation of thumbs can treat the bad digestion in the stomach. Then how can we know the existence of the meridians? or energy vibrations? That is the dificulty of understanding human body. But
the keen observation of human body will reveals its secret. The different energy vibration is also the proof that we have different many bodies. In anatomy, you can not find the meridians. But meridians really exist in the forms its functions. In the material human body, you can not find the energy vibrations. When you tune yourself to deeper vibrations, you will feel the vibrating existences that are surrounding human body.

Man and the Universe are one.

The Universe creates man, and the Man creates the Universe. They are not separated two things...they are communicating with each other and creating each other. Man and the Universe are one!!!

The Holistic point of view begins with this idea. And this idea will propels the developement of new medicine in this 21th centuries, the initial stage of Aquarian age. This point of view is not a new idea. This idea has been taught through many saints and prophets who attained the higher state of consciousness and tuned their consciousness with the Universal consciousness. To understand the holistic human state, attaining this higher state of consciousness is very necessary.

The next generation of medicine will be about this holism of Human kind. And that will be the results of combination of spirituall medicine and material Medicine.