domingo, 5 de julho de 2009

The diseases of 2010

This is the result from the calculation of astrology in Chinese medicine.

In the year 2010, Yang Metal-Secondary fire dominates the year, that is unstable and affects the fire system of body. Secondary fire is different from the main fire of body. Usually is destroys or dries up the blood or liquid that nutriates the human body. Also the mental system of body becomes unstable with this effect.

The first 6 months of this year will be dominated by the fire energy, and the last 6 months of this year will be dominated by wind energy.

The main techinique of treatment in the year 2010 will be cooling fire and expelling wind.
The main herbs will be Jin Yin Hua, Lian Cao, Bohe, Sheng Ma, Huanglian, Huangbo, Huangqin, Yujin, xiangfuzi, chaihu, Tianma, Gouteng those cool fire and expel wind.
The main acupuncture points will be Quchi, Hegu, Neiting, Xingjian etc

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