domingo, 5 de julho de 2009

The scholar of tonification of spleen-pancreas

This scholar was created by Li Gao(Li Dong Yuan) who lived AD 1180- 1251 in China. He was the student of Zhang Yuan Su. Li Gao created the theory that spleen-pancreas system supports the body and easily have problems. And he emphased the tonification of spleen-pancreas system. The representative formula that the created is Bu Zhong Yi Qi Tang that is still widely used in modern times. The vibration patterns of spleen-pacreas system is about the energy of soil. What is soil energy?

In ancient times , people used some symbols to express the state of energy vibration. The system, so- called, five elements is one of them. Five elements are water, wood, fire, Soil are metal. Each elements are not the elements that comprises the nature or human body. Each elements are the energy movement. The term, elements is not the correct translation because they are not elements. They are unique vibration and movement of energy. And soil energy is about controlling the changes. Soil enery manages the ascending and descending energy. Soil energy tranforms the each energy to proper state.

And in the human body, the spleen-pancreas system has the vibration of soil energy. So, the soil energy is almost like the director of company. That is why Li gao emphasizes this soil energy. Here I introduce one technique of longevity. Warm your abdomen. Don't let your abdomen cold. Abdomen is the center of soil energy.

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